Environment impact Assessment

Environment impact Assessment

Environment impact Assessment

Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) is an integral part of planning and development.

Environmental Impact Assessment

Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) is an integral part of planning and development. It is a process which the anticipated and mitigated effects on the environment of a proposed development are measured to inform the decision-making process. The EIA process can often be seen as complex and confusing, particularly for key stakeholders. However, if managed well it offers an opportunity to de-risk development and enhance reputation.

At Enviro SP we understand the importance of a consentable development and our aim is to achieve a successful approval with the minimum of concern that increases commercial viability.

Our EIA Expertise

Enviro SP has successfully delivered a significant number of Environmental Impact Assessments also produced many Environmental Statements for a diverse range of development projects. From supporting successful approval for large scale residential property development. Our approach is to focus the EIA process on the key issues and take right approach to the assessment to minimise project risk and maximise opportunities for success.

Create a project strategy which identifies the range of issues critical to project risk, value and ultimately success.

Identify a suitable project scope, proportionate to the size and scale of the development, by initiating an early and effective consultation process.

Design-in solutions, embedding sustainable mitigation measures in the design, to add value and reduce the likelihood of issues later on, saving you time, money and wasted effort.

We prepare a robust Environmental Statement or appraisal that addresses regulatory requirements and guidance. However, depending on the scale and size of your development, a full EIA might not
be required. Enviro SP have successfully screened various client projects as non-EIA submissions helping you to save money and time.

Our EIA Experts

Enviro SP EIA team brings an enviable skill set encompassing strategy, planning, technical and environmental expertise, and is made up of professional Chartered Environmentalists, town planners, environmental scientists, CAD technicians, GIS and project managers.

Achieving sustainability in your organization

Net Zero Achieving Sustainability

Net Zero is an ambitious and required target for governments, institutions, and companies to intensely reduce global greenhouse gas emissions and prevent the damaging effects of climate change.

Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting is a legal obligation for all large organisations to disclose their energy and carbon emissions within their annual Director’s Report, or separate sustainability report.

Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) is an integral part of planning and development.

Energy performance certificates are a rating scheme to summarise the energy efficiency of buildings.